About our Band
It is not known when the Mayfield Band was formed, although one of the earliest photos shows the Band playing in Mayfield High Street in about 1902. It has always been a traditional village band, and has played at flower shows, fetes and village celebrations in most of the local villages and towns at some time. We also play four or five concerts each year. We are privileged to have our own band room, which was built by the players themselves, and is situated in Court Meadow (King George V playing fields) in the heart of the village, with ample car parking facilities. We have a proud history, with family links going back generations, and many contesting successes over the years.

As an amateur band, we pride ourselves on being inclusive, and we have members from a large age and ability range. We have a learners group, a youth band (which is really a training band as we have several adult learners as well) and the senior band. Our members are from a large area, although most of our young people are very local. There are a number of families that play in the band, where children and parents have learned to play alongside each other. Banding is a highly social activity, and no more so than in Mayfield. The senior players are always keen to help the younger ones, and the emphasis is very much on learning and developing through fun, and a little hard work. The good thing about banding is that it’s never too late to learn!

We practice on friday nights in our Bandroom, which is just behind the Mayfield Memorial Hall in the village centre. The juniors/beginners start at 6.30pm, followed by the youth band at 7.00pm, and the senior band at 7.45pm-9.45pm.